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HI-Power LV Hydroelectric Generators
Cat. No. AEE-17.3023

HI-Power LV Hydroelectric Generators

Head Range: 40 to 400 feet
Flow Range:5 to 400 gpm
Maximum Power: 1200 Watts
Efficiency: 30% to 70%

Battery Voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V, 96V
Hi Power is now offering a low voltage brushless PM genera­tor. This user-friendly unit requires no adjustments and is more efficient than car alternator types over a wider range of head and flow.

Available in 4 voltages: 12, 24, 48 and 96V, for direct battery charging or for use with power point trackers (like MX) or power supplies.

The sealed permanent magnet alternator is mounted on a Harris housing with the bronze Harris pelton wheel. The exter­nal rectifier is water-cooled and all fasteners are stainless steel. It comes with induction meter and 3 feet of 1 flexible hose per nozzle. Order multiple nozzles for convenient adjustment to varying flows. Alternator has 2 sealed 6203 bearings which should be changed every 5-10 years, depending on use. When ordering, specify battery voltage, transmission line length and size, flow, pressure, pipe size and length.

2 year warranty. Specify battery voltage when ordering


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LV Hydro with 1 Nozzle


LV Hydro with 2 Nozzles


LV Hydro with 3 Nozzles


LV Hydro with 4 Nozzles


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