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Hornet™ Flash Lantern Multi-Mode White and Red L.E.D.
Cat. No. 22-80053

Backpackers have been all abuzz about the Hornet for some time now. And for very good reason. After all, this fixture is the transformer of packable lights. It can be configured into three different shapes, and has the versatility of five unique lighting modes.

Set it on its tripod legs and aim it upward as a camp lantern. Hang it upside down as a tent light. Hold it in your hand as a traditional flashlight. Or, in the event of a rescue situation, aim upward in the intermittent red light's an emergency beacon.

When used steadily, the three AAA batteries (included) will provide a good 40 hours of burn time. But however you choose to use the Hornet, you know you've got yourself one hard-working light.

key features

  • Five lighting modes
  • Three folding configurations
  • Powered on three AAA batteries
  • Light Source Type: L.E.D.
  • Light Source Quantity: 3
  • Light Source Life: Lifetime
  • Output Color: White and Red
  • Output Color Modes: white, red
  • Configuration Modes: steady bright white, steady diffuse light, steady red, flashing red
  • Housing Material(s): Polycarbonate

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