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SenseStat® is a unique Obstacle Detection Sensor System (ODSS)
Cat. No. SD-92-920x

SenseStat® is a unique Obstacle Detection Sensor System (ODSS) that provides a truck backup alarm for all types of commercial vehicles – from off-road to lift truck and even construction vehicles. This ultrasonic distance sensor uses the latest technology to detect objects that are up to eight feet from the rear of the vehicle. The system uses a unique sensor-scanning algorithm that reads each of four separate sensors, displaying the distance to the one that is closest to an object. This provides the ability to monitor four zones across the width of the vehicle. The result is an incredibly accurate blind spot sensor that helps drivers prevent backing accidents.

Dual Warning Indicators

SenseStat offers the driver both Active (audible) and Passive (visual) warning indicators, the combination of which provides a greater means to avoid unnecessary backing accidents. The audible truck backup alarm has three adjustable sound pressure levels. The visible display consists of a bright LED monitor that simultaneously shows all four ultrasonic distance sensor readings (or zones), along with the actual distance (in either feet/inches or meters) to the closest object.

Ease Of Installation

The wired SenseStat vehicle backup sensors are easy to install and economical to maintain on all types of commercial vehicles. The waterproof sensors and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) mount easily on the rear of the truck or trailer and connect to the dash mounted LED Monitor via a single waterproof cable.

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Options

The blind spot sensors themselves come wrapped in a protective rubber sleeve that can be slipped into a variety of mounting options, including an easily-attachable metal bracket, a flush mounting option and a rugged housing for installations requiring extra protection.

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Exclusive Capabilities

  • LED Monitor: Simultaneously displays four zones in real-time, indicates actual distance to the closest object, accurate to within one-inch
  • Audible Warning: Provides three adjustable audible truck backup alarm levels
  • Stop-line Adjustment: Rear overhang distance adjusts allowing the user to set the “zero-point” for overhanging objects from zero to 32 inches
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU): Fully-potted, ruggedized ECU designed to mount on a vehicle and work in all weather conditions from -22°F to 176°F (-30°C to +80°C)
  • Quick Installation: Vehicle backup sensor installations completed in 1 – 2 hours
  • In-vehicle User Guide: Laminated Safety Card for easy driver reference
  • Comprehensive Warranty: All SenseStat products carry a three-year Limited Manufacturer’s warranty


Warning Display Unit

  • The highly legible LED display simultaneously monitors four zones in real-time
  • Built-in audible alarm: volume is adjustable at three levels
  • Display indicates the location of an obstacle within SenseStat’s four zones
  • Display activates when reverse gear is engaged
  • Performs automatic self-test each time the system is activated
  • Distance can be displayed in either feet/inches or meters, allowing drivers to identify the location of an obstruction when backing up a tractor-trailer


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