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Zone Defense all-in-one MDVR
Cat. No. R.XR9.KIT

This all-in-one solution provides your drivers with the clear view they need to prevent accidents. The built-in tracking and recording allows you to easily monitor your fleet, correct dangerous driving behaviors, and exonerate your drivers and company in the event an accident should occur. The R.XR9 was built to provide you with the features you need for day-to-day operations without breaking the bank.

  • Monitor
    • Digital LCD for clear, crisp image quality
    • 9” smart touch screen control panel to easily switch screens for video playback
    • Picture image display can be adjusted for horizontal, vertical, mirror, and normal viewing
    • Rubberized coating for commercial use, first introduced by Zone Defense (7G rated)
    • Built-in triggers allow for automatic switching to reverse, left, or right-side camera views without additional hardware requirements (when multiple cameras are connected)
    • Picture image display can be set based on triggers and/or display in single camera, split camera, triple camera or quad camera views
    • Includes locking mechanism to keep SD cards secure
    • Operates on 12v DC up to 24v DC
    • 22-Pin: Supports 4 camera inputs, 1 video output and audio output. Easily add more cameras for use with reverse, right and left side cameras
    • Multiple language displays available
    • Multiple video formats available (NTSC/PAL/Auto)
    • LED backlight on LCD panel for longer life
  • Durable, easy to us plug and play MDVR system
  • Supports four memroy storage cards (32GB, 128GB available. Sold separately)
  • Supports both automatic and manual event recording such as over / under speed and G-force incidents such as possible collisions/accidents
  • GPS enabled to track vehicles and know when/where each event occurred
  • Records every camera connected to MDVR
  • Secure memory storage stored in lockable compartment
  • Automatically downloads PC player from MDVR – no additional software to buy
  • Easily navigate information by driver, VIN, or event type
  • Selectable views easy as point and click
  • Simple to use video/photo capture buttons
  • GPS details displayed on Google Maps
What’s in the Box
  • Zone Defense 9” All-in-one Monitor and Digital Recorder
  • Software included, no need to purchase additional software to view video and images
  • U-Bracket Monitor Mount w/Adjustment Screws
  • Center Monitor Mount
  • MDVR Key to keep SD Card(s) locked and secure
  • Customize your camera(s), memory storage, and even cables!
  • Supports up to four micro SD Cards (SD Cards can be purchased separtely, 32GD and 64GB available)
  • Add to your system
    • Choose your camera(s): Standard, Heated, Chrome, Dome Style and more (link to camera home page)
    • Note, we do not recommend shutter cameras when using MDVR technology to ensure you receive full video always.
    • Choose your memory storage: We offer multiple SD memory cards option


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