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Deka Unigy II Series AVR125-33
Cat. No. 2AVR125-33

Exclusive IPF TM Technology optimizes power capacity, Cell Consistency, and Long-Term Reliability

2000 AH
Interlock™ Module

Modules have been tested and certified to NEBS Zone 4, up to 3
modules high. (See East Penn for more information.)

1 Flame retardant polypropylene jars and covers standard.
2 For system length, take dimension and multiply by number of stack. For side termination, add an additional 6" (3" per side).
3 Includes front shield.
4 For module stack height, subtract 1.5" from height and multiply the number of modules and then add 1.5". For overall battery height (top termination) add 4" for base, 1.5" for termination bracket and 6.25" for top shield.
5 Weight includes module plus cells, but not cell hardware or base.

Please refer to the I&O Manual, systems operation, float voltages
for proper charger setting.

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