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Solar Chill 42in Evaprative Cooler
Cat. No. SWS-42120XP

The SOLAR CHILL solar powered evaporative cooling system is available in five sizes and 2 DC volt- ages (12, and 24 volts DC and 120 volt AC).

The rust-proof housings are built of 304 stainless steel, and use a 6" thick fluted pad as the wet cooling media. This pad is the most efficient evaporative cooling media in the world, and it will last five years with minimal maintenance. Optional rheostats may be used to slow fan speed.

Optional Control Packages with clean out pumps are available.

Nominal Volatage
12, 24 or 120ac
Dimensions H" x L" x W"
55 X 42 X 60.8
Fan Diameter
Acutal Watts
200 - 400
Recommended PV Watts
1800 - 2250
Air Flow (CFM)
SQF Recommened
Max Water use
30.0 GPH
Weight (lbs.)


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