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Intellitec Dual Controller
Cat. No. 00-00591-000

Intellitec Dual AC Control Module

The Control Module performs the timing, sequencing, switching, and load shedding functions for the furnace/s and air conditioner fans and compressors. It is often located under the refrigerator. The circuitry in this module decodes the control signals sent to it via the multiplexed communication link from the ECC Thermostat.

The Control Module operates the furnace/s by closing a set of relay contacts. The relay contacts for the front furnace are connected to pins 1 and 2 of connector J4, and the contacts for the rear furnace are connected to pins 4 and 5 of the same connector. They are electrically isolated from all other circuitry on the Control Module. The contacts are functionally equivalent to the contacts on a wall mounted thermostat and, as such, are wired to the blue and black thermostat leads from each furnace. The coach may be equipped with one or two furnaces. On coaches equipped with one furnace, the furnace should be wired to pins 1 and 2 of connector J4. The pigtail connector supplied with the system (PC4) utilizes the following color codes:

Air and Funace Controller 
Control Module 00-00591-200

Dual AC Control Module
Control Module 00-00591-100
(11K/13.5K BTU air conditioner)

Control Module 00-00591-000
(11K/11K BTU air conditioner)


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