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Fronius IG Personal Display
Cat. No. SW-FR-158018

Wireless display for use with up to 15 Fronius IG Inverters. The Personal Display uses the same easy-to-navigate LCD as the inverter, and offers two levels of
data Easy and Pro meaning homeowners will always have the right level of detail. Like other Fronius IG options, the Personal Display Card uses the Plug-and-Play area in the Fronius IG for easy integration. With a transmission range of up to 150 ft. indoors or 450 ft. outdoors, the Fronius IG Personal Display is the perfect accessory for any PV system. At night the Personal Display stores the data from earlier that day, meaning system output can be viewed at any time day or
night. The Personal Display is FCC compliant, so it will not interfere with other household devices.  The Personal Display operates independent of or in tandem with the DatCom data communication system. The display comes complete with rechargeable batteries and charger

Wireless Card:
Internal plug-in card for use with Personal Display

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