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Genset Controller by Solar Converte
Cat. No. 658SELDGS

This Genset starter monitors the battery voltage, and when the battery voltage gets too its low setpoint, the unit starts the generator. When the battery gets to its high setpoint, the unit stops the generator. The generator may be remotely started and stopped by dry contact closures, or by its local toggle switch start stop commands. The setpoints may be temperature compensated with an optional remote temperature sensor.

Available in Model (GS-1AC) optimized for starting AC generators. This product is available in an enclosure or open frame design for mount in your own enclosure.


  • Single unit 12 V up to 48 V battery systems
  • LEDs indicate relay positions and generator status
  • Temperature compensation (-4 mv / deg C./ cell) on start and stop voltages with optional temperature sensor TC-2
  • remote start and stop controls as well as local start/stop control
  • 5 second retirggerable time delay on voltage sensing to prevent false starts/stops
  • Supports 2, 3 and 4 wire systems as well as advanced control systems
  • Low Cost/ High Reliability

Electrical Specifications

  • Base Model: GS-1
  • Nominal battery voltages 12 - 48 V DC
  • Maximum Input (V) 63
  • Minimum Voltage 10
  • Relay: 8 amps @ 12/24 V , 2 amp @ 48 V , 5 amps @ 120 VAC rating of Potter and Brumfield T72 series relay
  • Self Consumption (A)
  • Relay Power: 0.5W per relay coil when powered, voltage independent

  • Quiescent less than 20 mA,Fusing 1 A, internal electronics only

Sequence of Operation on Startup

When the battery voltage is detected as too low per user adjustable setpoint the generator goes through its start sequence.

  1. The Generator start LED comes on.
  2. Precrank: 20 seconds relay closure (with LED on) prior to generator start/crank.
  3. Crank: relay closure (with LED on) for 10 seconds or until Genset start detected defined by generator/battery voltage starting to rise.
  4. Run: Relay closure (with LED on) whenever generator is cranking or running.
  5. Load: load relay closure (with LED on) for 30 seconds after run relay closure.
  6. If battery voltage falls another 0.2 V (relative to 12 V battery), fault relay is activated for remote signaling of fault.

Sequence of Operation on Shutdown

When the battery has charged to the user adjustable setpoint, the generator goes through its stop sequence.

  1. The Generator Stop LED comes on, start light turns off.
  2. Load: Load Relay opens (with LED off).
  3. Run: Run relay opens (with LED off) 20 seconds after load relay opens.
  4. Stop: Stop relay Closes (with LED on) for 10 seconds after run relay opens.

User Controls

  • Generator Stop Voltage
  • Generator Start Voltage
  • Manual start/stop toggle switch overrides remote smart stop control
  • Remote start/stop
  • Potentiometers and test points read 1/10 the voltage you wish to start/stop the generator. For example, if the generator is required to start at 23 V, set the start potentiometer for 2.3 V

LED Display

  • Generator start/stop
  • Relay position for precrank, crank, load, run, stop, fault

Mechanical Specifications

  • GS-1 weighs 0.5 lbs. open frame
  • GS-2 weighs 8 lbs. NEMA 3R box
  • GS-1 measures 5" X 5" X 1" open frame
  • GS-2 measures 10" X 8" X 4" NEMA 3R box
  • Power:
    • Euro-style Terminal Strip # 12 AWG
Operating Temperature:
  • -40 to 60 deg. C
  • 0 - 90% non-condensing

Note: In the interest of continuous product improvement specifications subject to change without notice.

Order Model No:

AC Model: Controls Gensets that have an AC generator powering a battery charger connected to the battery.
  • GS-1AC open frame for mount in user system
  • GS-2AC with NEMA 3R enclosure



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