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OutBack FX 2500 Inverter Sine Wave Inverte 24 Volt
Cat. No. FX2524

The OutBack FX2500 is a 2.5 kW continuous rated modular "building" block sine wave inverter/charger which can be used for both small and large power systems. Each OutBack FX2500 inverter/charger module is a complete power conversion system - DC to AC inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch. Additional inverter/chargers can be connected at any time in either parallel (120 VAC), series (120/240 VAC), or even three-phase (120Y208 VAC) configurations, allowing the system to be tailored to the specific power conversion requirements of the application, both at the time of the installation and in the future. The FX2500 will also be available in export versions with 230 vac 50 hz output that can be connected in parallel (230 VAC) or in three phase (230Y400 VAC) configurations. Up to eight FX2500s can be connected together to provide up to 20 kW of continuous power conversion capacity.

Sealed Construction Features:
Powdercoated all aluminum die-cast chassis
Internal electronic components are cooled by heat transfer
Gaskets on all openings to provide water-resistance
Sealed design protects internal electronics from salt, dirt or contaminated air, bugs, critters, mold etc.
Conformal coated circuit boards to resist corrosion
Designed to allow easy field servicing and repair

Ideal Applications: Hot and humid climates where a protected area is not available for installation of the inverter/charger system

Salt air environments such as Hawaii where you canít get away from the salt air and where there is little difference between indoors and outdoors

Dirty environments where dust or drifting organic matter such as cottonwood could clog an air opening in an unattended system

Boats and RVís where water might splash on the inverter

Greater control of unwanted radio frequency interference
FX 2548
FX 2348E
Continuous Power Rating at 25 degrees C
2500 VA
Nominal DC Input Voltage
48 VDC
Nominal AC Input Voltage / Frequency
120V 60 Hz
230V / 50Hz
Continuous AC RMS Output current at 25 C
10 amps
Idle Power (typical at no AC load) (sleep Ė 3 watts)
21-23 Watts
21-23 Watts
Efficiency (typical at 25 degree C and 75% resistive load)
Total Harmonic distortion voltage (typical / max)
2% / 5%
2% / 5%
Output Voltage Regulation
+/- 2% typ.
+/- 2% typ
Surge Power Capability Peak (1mSec)
70 amps AC
28 amps AC
Surge Power Capability RMS (100mSec)
50 amps AC
25 amps AC
Overload Capability (from 25 C start) 5 second
4800 VA
4800 VA
Overload Capability (from 25 C start) 30 minutes
3200 VA
3100 VA
Automatic AC transfer Relay (at nominal AC)
60 amps AC
30 amps AC
AC Input Current (adjustable limits)
60 amps AC
30 amps max
AC Input Voltage Range (adjustable limits)
200-260 VAC
Frequency Range Ė AC Input
54-67.4 Hz
40 to 60 Hz
DC Input Range (adjustable low battery cut-out)
40-66 VDC
40 - 66 VDC
Recommended DC Breaker
Continuous Battery Charger Output amps DC
35 amps DC
35 amps
Shipping Weight
60 Lbs
60 Lbs


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