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RV Solar Charging Kit 80 watt
Cat. No. Urban Camper

Go Power! Solar Charging Kits are designed to keep your batteries
charged. Full batteries give you the freedom to run lights, furnaces,
fans and other DC appliances without the worry of running out of power.
Go Power! Solar Kits are virtually maintenance free and designed to
give you decades of uninterrupted power.<br>


The Go Power! GP-RV-80 Solar Kit features 80 watts and 4.6 amps of
charge power.<br>

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<li>Our most popular kit </li>
<li>80 watts </li>
<li>4.6 amps of charge power </li>
<li>GPR-25 digital regulator </li>
<li>13 lbs </li>
<li>47.3" x 21.1" x 2" </li>
<li>All mounting hardware included </li>
<li>20-year warranty
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