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Intellitec Fuse Box 12V and 24v Surface Mount
Cat. No. 00-00585-100

Intellitecís Flush Mount Fuse Block is intended to provide fused 12 or 24 volt power to a group of accessories in a vehicle. Power is fed into the Block from either a single or dual input connection (depending on the model) and is distributed to each of the twelve fuses. Load connections are made throughAMPMate-N-Lok connectors.

Model ------------------------------------------------ Single Input
Maximum Continuous Carry Current --- 100 Amps Total Max.
Maximum Ambient Temperature ----------185 Degrees F.
Minimum Ambient Temperature ---------- -40 Degrees F.
Power Feed connection --------------------- 1/4" ring terminal
Mating Output Connector (6 pin) -------- AMP 1-480704-0

dimensions 4.24" W x 3.65" W

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