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Pelton Wheels, Replacment Alternator
Automotive Type Unit MODEL 1
Special purpose~ its small size and low rotational mass is intended for low water flows

Automotive Type Unit MODEL 90, 91 and 92
Large size alternators such as the oversize Ford.

Commercial Type Units Brushless adverse environment alternators
Brushless adverse environment alternators

Commercial Type Units Large truck type alternators
Large truck type alternators using larger bearings.

Commercial Type Units wound field alternators
Best performing class of rheostat controlled wound field alternators having excellent low speed characteristics.

Economy Models
Intended for good water sites or demonstration purposes using common automotive components at reduced cost.

ED&S Stream Engine Hydro (Turgo)
ES&D These small turbines are especially well suited to produce usable power from springs and creeks that are too small to sustain a conventional A.C

ES&D Water Baby
The Water Baby is Energy Systems & Design's solution to sites where the flow is very low, as low as 3 gpm (0.18 l/s), and the head is above 100 feet (30m).

Harris Hydro
This hydroelectric battery charger uses a cast bronze Pelton wheel and a brushless permanent magnet alternator on a white powder-coated aluminum housing.

HI-Power Hydroelectric Generators
HI-Power Hydroelectric generators are ideal for sites where water is far from power needs (up to 10,000 feet), or when greater power is required

HI-Power LV Hydroelectric Generators
The sealed permanent magnet alternator is mounted on a Harris housing with the bronze Harris pelton wheel.

Permanent Magnet Models
Permanent Magnet Models

PowerPal Low Head
A simple AC single-phase, brushless permanent magnet alternator is attached to a propeller turbine. 200 to 500 watts Low Head

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