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On the job
Aerial of Funny Farm in Whitesboro, TX
3000 watts of Tracking Solar in Whitesboro TX
2600 watts in Weatherford TX
Two Skystream 3.7 in Godley TX
B-Happy Ranch Weatherford, Whisper Installation
Wind Turbine in New Boston TX
2400 watt in Dallas TX
1000 watt of Tracking Solar and 800 watt of Wind, Weatherford TX
900 watt of Mobile Solar with Backup Batteries
1520 watts of Tracking Solar Weatherford TX
Trace Inverter, two Outback Charger Controller, One SolarBoost Charge controller for Battery Backup Solar Systems Weatherford TX
2800 watt Outback Power system Whitesboro, TX
50 watt Gate Solar Power System Aledo TX
5700 watts of Solar with Battery Backup Possum Kindom Lake, TX
Solar Vents and Tubular Skyligh  Benbrook TX
3760 watts of Tracking Solar with Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine Weatherford, TX
4200 watt Roof Mounted Solar Lake Weatherford, TX
9,000 watt system Canyon West, West of Weatherford
12,500 watt Solar in Canyon Creek west of Weatherford

2.6 Kw
2,600 watt Solar,  off Old Garner Rd Weatherford TX

12.6Kw 12,600 watt Solar with Backup Gorden TX

6K off grid system
6,000 watt offgrid system Springtown TX

12k Backup system
12,000 watt Battery backup system on several Roof,  Canyon West, Weatherford TX

6 K with battery backup
6,000 watt with battery backup Weatherford TX

Silverado Estates Weatherford TX

Remote Ligting
Solar LED Remote Lighting for Mail Boxs in rule Parker County

Solar Post Light
Solar Post Lights at the Gate.

LED lighting for Sculpture
LED lighting with Battery Backup.

City Sign NRH
 LED Sign with Solar and Batterys
Solar and Battery for sign

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