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Avanti Dispenser powered by ZeroWater
The Water Dispenser Bottle Kit Powered by ZeroWater features two patented 5 stage Ion Exchange filters

Cat. No. ZJ003]IS
Weight 9 lbs

Avanti Water Dispenser and Bottle/Filter Kit
The Avanti Water Dispenser Powered by ZeroWater. Convenient "All In One" Dispenser with the ZeroWater Filtering Water Bottle.

Cat. No. WDTZ000
Weight 37 lbs

Avanti Water Dispenser Cold/Room Temp
Large Stainless Steel Reservoir for Water Purity

Cat. No. WD360
Weight 31 lbs

Avanti Water Dispenser Hot & Cold
Push Button Faucets for Cold and Hot Water

Cat. No. WD361
Weight 30 lbs

Avanti Water Dispenser Tabletop
Compact Design Fits in Office or Home Environment

Cat. No. WD29EC
Weight 9 lbs

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