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Air 30 and Air-X Blade Set Replacement Kit
Air 30 and Air-X Blade Set Replacement Kit

Cat. No. 2-ARBR-101-01
Weight 4 lbs

Air Stop Switch Kit
Stop Switch Kit

Cat. No. SWW-2-ARAC-101
Weight 2 lbs

APRS solar powered Wind Data Logger
The Wind Data Logger is designed to provide an affordable and easy-to-use solution for wind site evaluation and wind generator performance.

Cat. No. AEE-016-0027x
Weight 25 lbs

Circuit Breaker for AIR
Circuit Breaker Kit for AIR

Cat. No. SWW-2-ARAC-103
Weight 2 lbs

Skystream 3.7 Replacement Blade Set Kit
2]SSBL]101 Skystream 3.7 Land Replacement Blade Set Kit

Cat. No. SWW-2-SSBL-100
Weight 56 lbs

Skystream 3.7 Hub and Blade Plate Kit
Includes Blade Hub, Plate and Hardware

Cat. No. SWW-2-SSBL-102
Weight 18 lbs

Skystream 3.7 Nose Cone Kits
Includes Replacement Nose Cone and Set of Four Socket Head Screws

Cat. No. SWW-2-SSOT-101-01
Weight 12 lbs

Stop Switch for Air
Southwest Windpower Stop Switch for Air

Cat. No. 2-ARAC-101
Weight 2 lbs

Tower Leveling System
With the new Skylevel tower leveling system you can accurately measure the plumbness of the tower within degree points.

Cat. No. SWW-TLS
Weight 5 lbs

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