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Phocos CM Solar Charge Controllers
Cat. No. CM
Weight 2 lbs

The CM Series is an economic solution for preventing battery overcharging in low-power systems. It is simple, compact and easy to use and install.

CM Series features a 2-stage PWM charging algorithm that supplies an even charge across all battery cells which lengthens battery lifespan. One green LED states when the CM controller is
charging and reducing current via PWM.

Product Features and Functions
LED charging display
Large terminals up to AGW 6/16mm2
Two-stage PWM charging algorithm (boost & float charging)
Reverse polarity protection
Designed to work simply and efficiently in small PV systems

Type CM 04 CM 10
System voltage 12
Max. charge/load current 4A 10A
Float charge 13.7V
Boost charge 14.5V
Activation: battery voltage < 12.2V
Max. panel voltage 30V
Idle self-consumption 4 mA
Max. panel voltage
(Overvoltage protection)
Grounding Positive grounded
Ambient temperature -40 to +122deg F (-40 ro +50deg C)
Max. altitude 4,000 m above sea level
Battery type Lead acid (GEL AGM flooded)
Wire cross section AWG 6/16mm2
Dimensions (W x H x D) 72.6 x 61 x 30.4 mm
Weight .15 lbs (68g)
Type of protection IP22
Warranty 2 Years




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