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SunRotor SR-26 Centrifugal Solar Pump
Cat. No. SR-26-48
Weight 19.5 lbs

The SR-26 centrifugal pump is the highest flowing submersible pump in the SunRotor fleet.

Nominal 48 volt operation
Usable voltage range 24-48 volts
Power range 285 watts to 1140 watts
Solar, battery or a combination
Maximum functional lift capability of 130 feet (40 m)
Max flow at surface level is 32.6 GPM (123.4 LPM) with 556.4 watts and 70.8 volts PV nominal input
Durable stainless steel impellers
6 impeller stages
1.25 inch (32 mm) FNPT output port
Submersion limit of 100 ft below static water level (ex: 100 ft submersion + 50 ft static water level: 150 ft)
4 inch diameter (102 mm) fits 4.5 inch (114 mm) casing
Submersible motor protected from ambient water by oil filled jacket (food grade oil protects potable water source if vessel is compromised)
Brushless DC motor technology avoids conventional DC brush maintenance and replacement
All electronics are mounted above ground for longer life and easy access
Entire pump body is stainless steel to comply with all local code and pump installation requirements
CE certified
ISO 9001


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