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SolarSheat 1500HE-DC Kits High Efficiency
Cat. No. YSH-1256
Weight 65 lbs

The SolarSheat heating system is a high quality engineered and high wind tested class product. All materials for the SolarSheat heating collector  are made,  assembled in Canada and the USA. Approximately 5000 plus systems are installed in 7 continents.  An all aluminum class constructed frame with high gloss automotive grade powder coated extrusion is the core of the product design. . Tempered glass 4mm thick covers an all aluminum  TINOX (Titanium/Quartz) aluminum plate (absorber) under the glass. High temperature foam is used to seal and insulate the overall SolarSheat collector.  A sophisticated clamp, bonding tape and silicone holds the glass in place with a powder coated mounting system for wall or roof.  High speed solar or electrical powered fans move air through the collector back into your room or home.  

The SolarSheat 1500HE  is a high efficiency solar air collector. Using specialized absorption technology called TINOX, insulation and maximizing turbulent air flow using a complex baffle arrangement, the SolarSheat 1500HE can provide up to 82% efficiency.  The result of 5 years of engineering and design the SolarSheat 1500HE is cutting edge solar air heating technology.

Ships with the following:

SolarSheat 1500HE air collector
20  Watt PV cell
Fan, collars, and filter
Wire, screws , harness and sensor
Foam gaskets and grills
Snap lock duct
Collector Dimensions  43w x 87l

Wall Mount
Logo Solarsheet

Foam gaskets and grills
Fan, collars, and filter
Snap lock duct


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