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Go Power! TS-50 is a 50 amp AC switch
Cat. No. NTP-55-0040
Weight 15 lbs

The Go Power! Transfer Switch 50 (TS-50) provide automatic power switching between two or three separate 120/240 volt AC input sources, including power
cords, onboard generators, onboard inverters, or all three. The ATS will sense the presence of available supplies and automatically select the proper one.

The TS-50 can be installed at the electrical entry of the RV on the line side of the main distribution panel, or it can be installed on the load side of the panel between
the main panel and a sub panel, allowing switching for either the entire electrical load or only designated circuits switch ground bar. A direct access hole to the
ground bar is provided through the enclosure for convenience.

Determine proper connections of wire conductors to electrical terminals. On 120 VAC wiring the ground wire is bare or green, the neutral wire is white, and the hot
wire is black. On 240 VAC

All Go Power! Transfer Switches come with a two-year warranty

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