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9 Function Digital Multimeter
Cat. No. SP-DM6450
Weight 2 lbs

Sperry Instruments DM6450 Digital Multimeter, 9 Function, Tests 750/1000V AC/DC, 10A Current, Resistance, Diode, Continuity, 10 Auto Range,

Engineered to exceed the expectations of the professional electrician the Sperry Instruments DM6450 9 Function/10 Range Digital Multimeter offers a durable and ergonomic impact resistant design manufactured to the latest industry standards. Engineered with the ability to conduct voltage, amp, frequency, capacitance, resistance, diode, and continuity tests this unit also includes a relative delta function to display a change in readings and a low impedance function to trace ghost voltage. Featuring improved audible and visual indicators, and an easy to read 3.5 inch auto backlit liquid crystal display (maximum count: 3999). Requires a single 9V battery included in the package and designed with both an auto-off function to save battery life and a low battery indicator to ensure the user does not receive incorrect readings due to a low battery. Unit utilizes auto ranging capabilities that allow the meter to determine the resolution based on the application selected without requiring manual adjustments and incorporates special test lead input icons designed into the display that prompt the user with correct lead placement for a desired test to ensure proper test results.

 Capable of testing 4V-750V AC, 400mV -1000V DC, current this unit also measures AC/DC amps, frequency (10Hz-10MHz), capacitance (40nF, 400nF, 4µF, 40µF, 100µF), resistance (400, 4K, 40K, 400K, 4M, 40M) and continuity (audible), and performs diode testing. Durable housing is impact resistant and features comfortable and protective rubber boot. CAT III (660V)/CAT II (1000V), cETLus and CE rated with a 5 year warranty to give our users the peace of mind they deserve. Ships with instructions and one 9V battery included in the package.

DM6450 9 Function Digital Multimeter
  • Test Lead Input Icons for correct lead placement
  • Industry leading LCD display size
  • Relative Delta displays change in readings
  • Low Impedance Function to trace ghost voltage
  • Impact resistant housing with protective rubber boot
  • Operates from one 9 volt battery


DC Voltage
400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 1000V
400mv (0.8%+3dgt)
4v 40v 400v (0.8%+1dgt)
1000v (1.0%+3dgt)
AC Voltage
4V, 40V, 400V, 750V
4v 40v 400v (1.0%+5dgt)
750v (1.2%+5dgt)
DC Amps
400µA, 4000µA, 40mA, 400mA,
4A, 10A

400µA 4000µA (1.0%+2dgt)
40mA 400mA (1.2%+3dgt)
4A 10A (1.5%+5dgt)
AC Amps
400uA, 4000uA, 40mA, 400mA,
4A, 10A

400µA 4000µA (1.2%+2dgt)
40mA 400mA (1.5%+3dgt)
4A 10A ±(2.0%+3dgt)
40nF, 400nF, 4µF, 40µF, 100µF
40nF (3.0%+10dgt)
400nF 4µF 40µF (3%+5dgt)
100µF (4.0%+5dgt)
400, 4K, 40K, 400K, 4M, 40M
400 4M (1.2%+2dgt)
4K 40K 400K (1.0%+2dgt)
40M (1.5%+2dgt)
Diode Test

CAT Rating
III 600 V, II 1000V

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