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24 V 60A Wind Machine Controller
Cat. No. LDR 24-60
Weight 2 lbs


This unit is used with Wind Machines to control the charge on a battery or to limit the output voltage on a wind generator when it is offloaded.

When a battery is full, or a grid intertie inverter goes off-line (for any reason) the power of the wind machine is diverted to protect the wind machine, battery and/or grid intertie inverter.

Unlike solar panels which are safe to leave in a open circuit condition, wind machines must always have a place to put their power when they are in the wind generating power. If wind machines have no or very little load and the wind is blowing, very high voltages and speeds are produced, damaging the wind machine and any equipment hooked to it. At Solar Converters, we have seen 250 V come from a 24 V "regulated" windmill.

Principle of Operation:

Battery Charger:
When used as a battery charger, the LDR connects directly across the battery.
This Wind Machne Controller charge controls a battery by "stealing" the excess (wind machine current - load current) charge current. When the battery is not yet full, the LDR "steals" no current and basically removes itself from the circuit so every bit of the wind machine current voltage and charges the battery. If the excess current produced by the wind machine is 10 amps, it steals 10 amps. If the excess charge current is 12 Amps, it steals 12 amps. etc. Without the excess current (wind machine current - load current) otherwise charging the battery, The battery voltage is limited to the voltage that the LDR is set to, effectively clamping the battery charge controlling the battery voltage at its "full" charge voltage. As well, three stage charge control is employed as well as an optional temperature compensation feature.

Voltage Clamp (Dump Load) Controller:
This wind machine controller is virtually identical to the battery charge version, however, it has been modified to connect across the input of a grid intertie inverter to protect both the inverter and the wind machine from excessive voltage due to high wind ouput or the grid intertie going offline for any reason, including the currently mandated 5 minute start up requirements on the inverter.

Hot Water Heater Controller:
This controller is identical to the battery charge controller but uses its taper clamp abilty with added capacitors to maximze the power drawn from the windmill when used to heat water by keeping the windmill at its optimum blade speed as the wind speed varies.


  • Remote Sense: to prevent voltage errors due to wire resistance loss.
  • Temperature compensated (with optional TC-2 temperature probe)
  • Three state charge method (constant current, overcharge float charge
  • 1200 Watt rating for 1000 watt windmachines>98%
  • Ultra High Efficiency >98%
  • Requires dump load which can be air resistors or hot water heating element

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Voltage (V) 24 V
Maximum Output (A) 60
Maximum Output (A)
short term - 10 sec
Efficiency >98%

Mechanical Specifications


  • less than 0.5 lb. open frame
  • Less than 10 lbs NEMA 3R Enclosure
  • open frame 4.8" X 4.8" X 1.5" -require bolting to a metal heatsink
  • Nema 3R enclosure 8" X 6" X 4"
Operating Temperature:
  • -40 to 70 deg. C
  • 90 % non-condensing


  • Power: Battery and load resistor
    • 2 X #6 AWG Terminal Block
  • Signal: T. Comp and remote sense
    • # 16 AWG termonal block

Application Notes

Note: In the interest of continuous product improvement, specifications subject to change without notice.

Order Model No:

LDR 24-60 Battery charge controller-open frame for mount in user box

LDR 24-60E Battery charge controller ina Nema 3 R enclosure

LDR 24-60C With NEMA 3R enclosure and rectification, and all terminal blocks.

LDR 24-60L for Dump Load Controller



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