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Constant Voltage Regulated 12/ 24 15 amp
Cat. No. SC-CVP12/24-15
Weight 3 lbs

Model: CVP 12/24 - 15


Used to keep your Pump voltage constant as the battery discharges from 14 to 11 V, or from 28 to 22 V. Contains integral Fusing, LVD and Float Switch Control.

As your battery discharges your pump slows down and you lose performance, water flow and pumping head. This regulator takes your battery voltage, irrespective of what it is, and produces a constant "full charge" voltage which keep pumps and motors at full output and your system at optimum performance. This is married to an LVD and a float switch control with a fused battery connection for a complete low cost pumping controller.


  • Low Cost
  • High Performance
  • Weatherproof
  • Rugged boost voltage design
  • Ideal for battery backed submersible pumping systems maximizes water output and head
  • Single model cover 12 volt / 24 volt ranges, outputs 15 and 30 V DC
  • Available in NEMA 4 enclosure (weatherproof)
  • Used battery, integral LVD and Float Switch Control
  • Very high efficiency >92%, 94% typical

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage (V) 22 - 32 11 - 15 11 - 15
Lead acid assumed 24 12 12
Low Voltage
disconnect (ON)
Time delay
1 second
23.8 V 11.9 V 11.9 V
Low Voltage
disconnect (OFF)
Time delay
1 second
22.0 V 11.0 V 11.0 V
Float Switch Control Works even if power boost broken. Connect
yellow wire to Black to turn pump off.
Output Voltage (V) +/- 2%
adjustable by
internal POT**
30 15 30
Output Current (Amps) 15.0 15.0 6.0
Current Limited * 16 16 8
Input Fuse Automotive Style: 25 A LittelFuse ATC-25 or equiv.
Quiescent current 15 mA 15 mA 15 mA
Transient Protection All Inputs and Outputs and common mode
Efficiency 92 - 96 % depending on loading and state of charge

* Note: limited by fusing characteristics

** Special verisons of this model have the pumping functions removed and the unit is used only as an up converter producing a regulated output or as a battery charger for a higher voltage battery from a lower voltage battery. CVP 12/24-15M specifies this model. Other special models CVP 12/24-15PV charge control a higher voltage battery from solar panel input with MPPT.

Mechanical Specifications


  • Weathertight NEMA 4 enclosure
  • 4" X 2" X 2" nominal
  • approx. 2 lbs.
Temperature Range:
  • -40 deg C to 50 deg C
  • It is recommended, as with all electronics, that the unit not be placed in direct sunshine
  • 6" Flying Leads
  • Power #12 AWG
  • Red: Battery +

  • Black: Battery - and Pump -

  • White: Pump +

  • Signal Leads:
  • Float Switch, 12 V set, 24 V set

  • Humidity:
  • N/A weatherproof

    Note: In the interest of continuous product improvement, specifications subject to change without notice.

Order Model No:

CVP 12/24-15 CVP 12/24-15M with pumping functions removed for constant voltage regulation CVP 12/24-15PV will charge control a higher voltage battery from a solar panel


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