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AEE Solar SnapRack Kits, SANYO HIP-200
Cat. No. AEE-15.9549-xx
Weight 20 lbs

AEE Solar SnapRack is dedicated to over come the limitations of conventional racking and ensuring a quick, efficient installation.  SnapRack is a major advance
in simplifying and reducing the cost of the solar installation process.  SnapRack is compatible with modules from virtually any manufacturer.  Snap-in sliding module  
clips ensure quick and easy installation and precise alignment.

 Mid-clips are a half-inch wide to keep math simple.  Every bolt in the system uses the same size wrench,ensuring efficient installation and reducing the wear and tear on man-hours on the roof during installation.  There's no need to drill any holes in the rails to connect standoffs and L-feet!  The channels in the rail profiles can house running module leads, providing better aesthetics and improved condutor protection.

SnapRack is engineered for durability and structural integrity in all environments, with excellent seismic, wind and snow loading protection on all components.  Its compact and efficient rail design reduces material  requirements and ensures a low profile installation on your roof.
SnapRack kits come with standard rail, splice kits, mid-clamps, end-clamps and mounting feet needed for the number of modules  used.  Mounts for modules with
black frames come with black anodized mid- and end-clamps. 

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