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AEE Solar SnapRack Bulk Parts, Ground Rail
Cat. No. AEE-15.983x
Weight 20 lbs

SnapRack solar panel mounting system is a top-down roof mounting solution designed and manufactured with installer in mind. The rail design is a lightweight anodized aluminum extrusion that maximizes transportation and installation efficiency. Snaprack mountaing system has been load tested and engineered to 125mph wind load
(50 per square foot of pressure) for most module types.

SnapRack ground rail PV  mounting system provides  an aesthetically pleasing , easy to install solution for ground-mounted PV arrays.  The design allows for fast  installation and greatly reduces labor costs.  All attachment points are concealed within the rail to give an attractive and clean  finished appearence.  

Clamps:  designed ot integrate with 1-1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inch schedule 40 galvanized pipe.

Mid-clamps and end-clamps:  available with a clear or black anodized finish.  Order the end clamp that matches the depth of the module frame.  All mid-clamps are the same.

Splice kits:  allows the use of shorter rail sections to be structurally connected  for longer spans.

L-feet: used with Quick Mount PV flashings for various  roof types to achieve a low profile mounting system.

Adjustable standoff:  allows you to easily level rails on uneven roofs.

SnapRack pipe clamps: designed to attached SnapRack ground rail to 1-1/2 inch schedule 40 pipe.


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