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AEE Solar SnapRack Mounting System, SANYO HIP-200
Cat. No. AEE-15.9549-xx
Weight 5 lbs

AEE Solar SnapRack was developed by a team of veteran solar engineers working with installers in the field, dedicated to overcoming the limitations of conventional racking and ensuring a quick, efficient installation process.  SnapRack is a major advance in simplifying and reducing the cost of the solar installation process. 
SnapRack is compatible with modules from virtually any manufacturer.  Snap-in sliding module clips ensure quick and easy installation and precise alignment.  Mid-clips are a half-inch wide to keep the math simple.  Every bolt in the system uses the same size wrench, ensuring efficient installation and reducing the wear and tear on your man-hours on the roof during installations.  There's no need to drill any holes in the rails to connect standoffs and L-feet .  The channels in the rail profiles can house running moduleleads, providing better aesthetics and improved conductor protection.
SnapRail is engineered  from the ground up to ensure maximum standoff adjustability  for a clean, level installation on even the most irregular roof surface.  Simple vertical and horizontal adjustability enables superior fit and array aligment.  Tilt-up can be achieved with pieces of cut rail and L-feet.

AEE Solar SnspRack Kits

SnapRack kits come with standard rail, splice kits, mid-clamps, end-clamps and mounting feet needed for the number of modules used.  Mounts for modules with black frames come with black anodized mid- and end-clamps.  Cutting of aluminum rail is required.

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