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Xantrex XPower Pocket Powerpack 100
Cat. No. AEE-30-0071
Weight 2 lbs

The Xantrex XPower Pocket Powerpack combines a 100W inverter with a high capacity, high output battery pack to create a truely mobile power solutions.  If your laptop battery pack runs down or you need five more minutes with your portable DVD player, you can just plug straight into the AC outlet on the inverter and keep working or watching, just like you're at home.  In addition to the AC power outlet , this inverter  includes a USB charge port  which can power or charge iPod, Blackberry, iPaq, Palm and a wide range of other electronic devices.  The XPower Pocket Powerpack comes with a DC cable with vehicle and airplane connector and a 3.3 Ah NiMh battery pack.

1 year warrenty.

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