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PROwatt Series
Cat. No. MT-PROW
Weight 3 lbs

Provides Portable AC Power

Our Prowatt Modified Sine Wave Series of inverters are an economical solution for your power needs, and are available in handheld or hardwire models ranging from 150 to 600 watts. A Prowatt inverter is ideal for operating resistive loads such as lighting. Its solid-state circuitry precisely regulates the voltage and frequency of the modified sine wave output, and automatic low voltage shutdown protects your expensive batteries from excessive depletion.

Product Features

* Powers AC products up to 150, 300, 400 and 600 watts
* Plugs into any lighter socket for instant AC power outlet (Prowatt 150 and 300)
* High surge capacity for starting demanding loads
* Dual AC outlet (Prowatt 300); Triple AC outlet (Prowatt 600)
* Built-in mounting brackets and DC post connectors for convenient hardwire installations (Prowatt 400)
* Regulated output protects sensitive equipment (Prowatt 150 and 300)
* Auto shutdown prevents total battery discharge
* Silent operation
* One year warranty

Protection Features

* Overload shutdown
* Over temperature shutdown
* Over and under voltage protection
* Low voltage shutdown (10.0 volts)
* Low voltage alarm (10.7 volts)
* LED indicator confirms fault condition

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