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OutBack Power: SystemEdge-830NC 8kW Inverter, 18kWh Battery
Cat. No. SWI-018721
Weight 100 lbs

OutBack Power: SystemEdge-830NC
A Smart Pre-Bundled Solar Solution

Experience the benefits of the quality of Outback and single-brand simplicity with a pre-bundled solution from OutBack Power.

This popular configurations have been combined into a single SKU to streamline ordering. The SystemEdge- 420RE include FLEXpower integrated system, EnergyCell batteries housed in a rack or enclosure, FLEXware ICS combiner box and OPTICS RE system monitoring and control.

1. OutBack FLEXpower Integrated Inverter
Radian Series Inverter/Charger, FLEXmax 80 Charge Controllers, Mate3 System Display, FLEXnet DC System Monitor, AC and DC Wiring Boxes, Surge Protector, Battery and PV Array Breakers, GFDI and Input-Output Bypass

2. OutBack Energy Storage
From batteries to pre-assembled and pre-wired racks and enclosures, OutBack has an energy storage solution for virtually any application. Using EnergyCell RE or NC batteries, available in 12kWh, 18kWh, and 64kWh configurations

3. OPTICS RE Monitoring and Control

OPTICS RE is included as part of every OutBack FLEXpower system, giving owners total control over how renewable energy is generator, stored and consumed. Access from any internet-connected device, control over 600 Parameters, and receive email alerts & notifications.

As always you have EcoVantage Energys team to support you through your purchase.

Power: 8000.0 Watts
Product Feature #1:  FLEXpower Radian (8kW, PN: FPR-8048)
Product Feature #2:  EnergyCell NC Front Terminal Batteries (QTY 12 PN: 200NC)
Product Feature #3:  Integrated Battery Rack (3-Shelf, PN: IBR-3-48-175)
Product Feature #4:  FLEXware ICS PV Combiner Box (PN: FWPV4-FH600)
Product Feature #5:  OPTICS RE System Monitoring and Control
Technical Notes:  8kW Inverter, 18kWh Battery

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