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Permanent Magnet Models
Cat. No. APM1038
Weight 20 lbs

We offer two types of permanent magnet power heads. The first type is single phase wild, which has better low head performance than almost anything else we can build. Long distance transmission, remote rectification, and step down transformation is simplified as well as more cost effective.

? The runner diameter and magnet strength is precisely matched to make adjustment unnecessary.
Just turn on the water.

Available in all AC and DC voltages.

For use with battery based systems only.

Please provide your requirements and avalable

1, Power Needed
    what are your loads

2, Head 
     Elevation differnce in Ft from water source and Terbine
3, Pipe size 
      if you have a pipe installed what is the Flow in GPS or the priesser in psi

4, Distance from Source and Load.
     How fare is the Micro Hydro from the loads( equipment using the electricaty)




Option 1:

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